MapleStory Chaos

30 minutes ago Nexon Korea started their press conference about the upcoming Winter update. And it’s BIG.
This just came in from the twitter of NexonKR.

After ‘Big Bang’ comes MapleStory Chaos! Like ‘Big Bang’, the ‘Chaos’ update will come in three parts:

The first update ‘Return of the Hero’ is also known as the reorganization update and will make the heroes stronger and better. ‘Technological Age’  is the second update that will add new profession skills for your character. And as last, ‘Super Fight’ is the last update to come in January.

But wait.. there’s more! Lv. 140 equipment sets will be added and new high-leveled areas as well! Read more about the second major update of MapleStory.

[Official MapleStory Chaos trailer – Please click on CC to see the English subtitle]

▶ The first update on December 16th: Return of the Hero (영웅의 귀환)

This update will focus on skill balancing and will mark the return of Dual Blade and the two heroes Aran and Evan. Everyone will be able to create a Dual Blade character again, but this is limited for the Winter season only.

Dual Bladers will be improved and will receive several new skills such as Blade Fury (left), Vital Steal and Phantom Blow (right).

The Aran class will come back with a new look, stronger and better. Arans will receive new skills like Combo Judgement. Combo Judgement can attack multiple enemies by dropping a giant axe. Monsters hit by the giant axe are frozen and will be suffering from damage over time.
A skill that can create an instantaneous combo count and more.

Some skills were moved to an earlier job advancement and had their combo count required changed.

The second hero that makes his comeback in the ‘Chaos’ update is Evan. The attacking speed of Evan was greatly improved. Along with Aran and Dual Blade, Evan got a bunch of new skills as well.

– Dragon Blink: Teleports you to a random location in the map.
– Dragon Sparking: With a certain success rate, you can deal extra damage. (The skill looks like Paralyze, look carefully in the video because it’s there)
– Protection of the Onyx: For a period of time, you can give you and your party members extra avoidability.
– Will of the Onyx: For a period of time, you can prevent yourself getting knock-backed from a monster’s attack and able to attack with your body.

In addition, all other classes were improved as well. ^^

▶ The second update on December 30th: Technological Age (기술시대)
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[Alchemy (Alchemist), Equipment Forging (Creator) and Jewelry Making (Jewelist)]

This is a really great patch since it adds refreshing content. In this update, the ‘Profession Skill’ system will be added to the game.
There are 5 profession skills available for to master. When your character is Lv. 30 or higher, you can learn up to 2 profession skills.

[What happens if you drink a Giant Potion?]

1. Herbalism: Collect herbs, flowers and seeds in Maple World. With that, you can make different herb oils. Herb oil is required for Alchemy to make a variety of potions.

2. Mining: Mine ores and crystals in Maple World with your pickaxe. It’s also possible to make refined jewels and plates from mineral ores.

3. Equipment Forging: Use refined jewels and plates to forge a lot of defensive armor and weapons.
4. Jewel crafting: Make accessories (earrings, rings, belts, face accessories, pendants and shoulder pads) from refined jewels and plates.
5. Alchemy: Use the herb oils from Herbalism to create a wide variety of potions. It’s also possible to disassemble and fuse equipment with Alchemy.

As you work on these profession skills, your character’s fatigue rate will increase. In order to decrease fatigue, you have to visit the respective NPC shown in the image above.

▶ The third and last update on January 13th: Super Fight (대난투)
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Finally after seven years of service, PvP will be added to MapleStory!
Players who are Lv. 30 or higher can enter the Battle Arena Entrance Portal and enjoy PvP mode.

In the PvP area, the players’ levels and stats will automatically be adjusted.
There are three modes you can enter:

– Survival: Battle without restrictions and rules.
– Team Match: Battle with teams within a time limit.
– Ice Knight: One person gets chosen to be an Ice Knight. Other players will need to survive from the Ice Knight, because the goal of the Ice Knight is to freeze all the players in the map.

Players who battled in PvP mode can earn BP (Battle Point). You can make and buy items with FPs.

There is a bonus that will come with the ‘Chaos’ update. Nexon has said that there will be a new level 140 set of equipment.

[Destroyed Henesys town in the future]

And there will be a new area for Lv. 160+ players called ”Door of the Future”.
There will be a new storyline related to this map and there will be a new boss…

[MapleStory’s ultimate boss]

I’m really curious about the new area for Lv. 160+ players, it looks really beautiful. Who could this new female boss be? She sure looks familiar to me… Do you think what I think?
Since this is the ‘Chaos’ update, I’m wondering if there will be a Chaos Pink Bean…?

Hey everyone! Yesterday an exciting patch from the test server was released.

This patch contains the release of the new high-leveled area including the new mysterious boss monster.
Other updates are fixes made to the profession skill system and also the release of PvP!!

Let me start with posting the skill changes. This is never going to stop…

Adventurers/Dragon Knight

– Damage of Sacrifice has been decreased from 693% to 690%
– Damage of Dragon Roar has been increased from 580% to 858% and the HP threshold requirement has been increased from 10% to 15%

Adventurers/Night Lord

– Damage of Triple Throw has been decreased from 345% to 293%


– Skill duration of Octopus has been decreased from 30 to 22 seconds


– Damage of Ghost Lettering has been decreased from 660% to 400%

Resistance/Wild Hunter

– Damage of Wild Shot has been decreased from 164% to 144%


– Weapon attack from Metal Armor Extreme has been increased from 39 to 40

Knights of Cygnus/Night Walker

– Damage of Triple Throw has been decreased from 295% to 251%

Knights of Cygnus/Striker

– The amount of monsters Somersault Kick can attack has been decreased from 6 to 5

OK, enough with the balancing information. Let’s get straight to the good stuff~
Remember the three doors in the Temple of Time? In this update, the door that brings you to the future has opened..

The entrance on the left leads you to Ereb in the future. I explored this new area and it looks evil…
So why is Ereb all dark in the future? There is a storyline attached to this whole ‘Door of the Future’ thing.

I talked to Helena in Henesys in the future and she told me the reason why this chaos exists in the future of Maple World.

In the future, Empress Cygnus became interested in the World Tree, so eventually she went to search for this phenomenon.
The Empress and her knights succeeded in searching for the World Tree, but… they fell into a trap by the Black Magician. He took the soul of Empress Cygnus and her knights and made them into his puppets.

Because of this curse by the Black Magician, the island of Ereb lost its holy power and descended to earth. There, Empress Cygnus and her knights started to attack Maple World…

That is basically the storyline… The World Tree? I don’t know what that exactly is, but it has been mentioned in other dialogues from NPCs and the World Tree plays an important role in the MapleStory anime…

The entrance on the right leads you to Henesys in the future. Henesys in the future is a disaster, because it’s destroyed…
While I was exploring this map, I came across this statue and this spirit…

I’m sad to announce that our beloved village chief, Chief Stan has passed away.
I’m sure you remember Alex, right? The red-haired kid with a cap on in Kerning City.

Yup. This is the mature Alex from Kerning City who ran away from his dad, Stan.
You’re jealous because of his pimp beard, aren’t you?

All the monsters are Lv. +160 and can deal quite some damage to you.
Instead of making screenshots of the town, I thought I would be better off with a tour video of both new areas.

Door of the Future (Dark Ereb & Destroyed Henesys)

[Alternative Link]

Empress Cygnus in the future is referred as ”Cygnus”. She is Lv. 190 and has a HP value of 1,000,000,000 and gives 204,000,000 EXP.
The minimum required level to fight this evil Empress is 170.

Cygnus can summon her beloved Knights or what I prefer to call ”Dark Knights” and they’ll aid her in combat. The Dark Knights can attack on their own with their skills.

Shinsoo was also affected by this curse.
Players who want to fight against Cygnus will have to be prepared. Once you enter the boss map, there will be a cooldown on every consumable item you use.
I think that is just ridiculous. The boss monster Van Leon from Lionheart Castle also has a cooldown on potions in his map.

PvP has finally been released and I must say that I am disappointed.
During my battles, I didn’t have fun and it seriously needs change.

Most oft he time I was running away because of the damn Dual Bladers killing everyone. That’s how unbalanced it is. Dual Bladers can almost instant kill anyone with a combination of Mirror Imaging + Chains of Hell + Fatal Blow.

To enter the Battle Arena, you talk to the Victoria Island Taxi.
In the Battle Arena you can choose 3 modes. The Ice Knight mode is currently unavailable in the test server.

Survival / Battle against other players freely without restrictions. Time limit is 10 minutes and players can even join in the middle of a fight.

– Team Match / Battle each other with teams. There is team Red and team Blue. Time limit is 10 minutes.

– Ice Knight / One person gets chosen to be an Ice Knight. The Ice Knight has the ability to freeze players. Other players have to avoid getting freezed by the Ice Knight.

There are 3 channels:
– Rookie (Lv. 30+) / Skills available up till 2nd job
– Super Rookie (Lv. 70+) /Skills available up till 3rd job
– Major (Lv. 120+) /  Skills available up till 4th job

Each rank has a different map layout. When you enter a PvP map, you cannot see how much HP and MP you have. While I was playing, I could use any skill, but as of right now any character with skills that can attack an enemy more than once will have a great advantage.

During your fight, you can loot potions to heal your HP/MP or get cured. When you attack your enemy, it will not show monsters but images such as ”Nice!”, ”Critical”, ”Miss”.
I like the images.. but I will like it more when I can see my own damage. Do you know what I mean?

When you have lost or won, you will get a score that determines your ranking. In addition, you get Battle EXP and Battle Points. You can purchase items with BP.

PvP is still unbalanced and incomplete. But let’s hope Nexon can make something good out of it.
PvP or also known as the ”The Huge War” update is scheduled to be released in January, 2011.

Take a first look at PvP ↓

[Alternative Link]


<p><img src=”;h=692&#8243; alt=”” width=”500″ height=”692″ /></p><p>Finally!~ The second part of the <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Chaos update</a> has been released.<br />The ‘Technological Age’ update is an exciting update because you can learn new profession skills.<br />High-leveled players are in for a treat, because the <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Door of the Future</a> has been added in this patch.</p><p>[<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Alternative Link</a>]</p><p>I promised earlier that I would explain the new profession skill system when it hits the official server. And it’s finally here!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img src=”;h=472&#8243; alt=”” width=”630″ height=”472″ /></p><p><strong>What are profession skills?</strong></p><p>Profession skills are special skills that any character over Lv. 30 can learn. There is a special map where you can learn the profession skills.<br />To enter the map, you will need to find the portal that looks like this. ↓</p><p><img src=”;h=277&#8243; alt=”” width=”354″ height=”277″ /></p><p>Every major town has a portal like this. In this update it is finally open for access.<br />When you go through the portal, you will discover the beautiful hometown called <strong>Meisterville</strong>.</p><p><img src=”;h=364&#8243; alt=”” width=”583″ height=”364″ /></p><p>Meisterville is the hometown where you can learn profession skills from different skill masters.<br />There are <strong>five</strong> profession skills in MapleStory.</p><p><img src=”;h=190&#8243; alt=”” width=”583″ height=”190″ /></p><p>When you are Lv. 30 or higher, you can learn <strong>two out of five</strong> profession skills from the following masters:</p><p>Master of Collecting (Herbalism): <strong>Stachel</strong><br />Master of Alchemy: <strong>Karien</strong><br />Master of Mining: <strong>Nobum<br /></strong>Master of Blacksmithing (Equipment production): <strong>Eisen<br /></strong>Master of Jewel Crafting (Accessory production): <strong>Meltz</strong></p><p><img src=”;h=249&#8243; alt=”” width=”535″ height=”249″ /></p><p>When you arrive in Meisterville, you have to speak with Himmel, the head master.<br />Unfortunately, they force you to choose between something that you maybe might not like. At first, I wanted to learn Blacksmithing and Jewel Crafting, but that is not possible.<br />You can learn the following combinations:</p><p>Herbalism + Alchemy<br />Mining + Jewel Crafting<br />Mining + Blacksmithing</p><p><img src=”;h=267&#8243; alt=”” width=”584″ height=”267″ /></p><p>In the end I took Mining and Jewel Crafting and it’s really fun so far. If you choose for Mining, you will get a pickaxe from Nobum.<br /><strong>Mining</strong> is essential for Jewel Crafting because you need to make plates from ores. The only way you can get ores and crystals is through Mining.</p><p><img src=”;h=338&#8243; alt=”” width=”474″ height=”338″ /></p><p>Mining is really fun! Everywhere in Maple World you can find rocks and start mining.<br />There are many rocks that you can mine.</p><p><img src=”;h=76&#8243; alt=”” width=”630″ height=”76″ /></p><p>The bigger the rocks, the better ores and crystals you find. You see that big purple rock? If you mine that rock, a crystal will drop. It’s so easy~! ^^<br />The heart-shaped rock is something else.. If you mine the heart-shaped rock, it has a chance to drop ore fragments.<br />It can also drop a rock or a leaf that lives on equipment.</p><p><img src=”;h=208&#8243; alt=”” width=”423″ height=”208″ /></p><p>The only way to raise this rock is by feeding it equipment. When the rock grows and evolve, you’ll get a reward. I’m not raising a rock, because you will need to feed it with a lot of equipment.</p><p>With Mining you can obtain ores, but you can also make plates, jewels and crystals with it. For example, crafting an adamantium plate costs me 2 adamantium ores and a special ingredient that you can buy in Meisterville.<br />Sometimes when you are crafting a plate or something else, it might fail… But in return, you will receive some Magic Powder.</p><p><img src=”;h=265&#8243; alt=”” width=”528″ height=”265″ /></p><p><img src=”;h=409&#8243; alt=”” width=”630″ height=”409″ /></p><p>Nobum and the other masters gives you an event quest when you learned the Mining skill. If I can get my Mining to level 7, I will get Nobum’s golden pickaxe and an upgraded bag to store my ores and plates and other stuff in.</p><p><img src=”;h=326&#8243; alt=”” width=”179″ height=”326″ /></p><p>Look how many ores and crystals I got from mining! There’s more in that green bag.</p><p><img src=”;h=267&#8243; alt=”” width=”584″ height=”267″ /></p><p>The second profession skill that I learned is <strong>Jewel Crafting</strong>. This is one amazing skill. Why? With Jewel Crafting you can make these kind of equipment:</p><p><img src=”;h=445&#8243; alt=”” width=”468″ height=”445″ /></p><p><img src=”;h=326&#8243; alt=”” width=”252″ height=”326″ /></p><p>Yeah those are some very wanted equips. However, you need to use a recipe for equipment over Lv. 100 to reveal what kind of material you need.<br />Recipes can be bought in Meisterville but that is really limited. For really good equipment, you will need to find recipes from monsters and bosses.</p><p><img src=”;h=164&#8243; alt=”” width=”364″ height=”164″ /> <img src=”;h=287&#8243; alt=”” width=”555″ height=”287″ /></p><p>I got this recipe for a Lv. 110 shoulderpad at Dual Pirates. I can use it and it will show what kind of ingredients I need to craft this shoulderpad.<br />This shoulderpad adds +8 INT, +4 weapon and magic attack and +36 physical and magic defense.</p><p><img src=”;h=574&#8243; alt=”” width=”555″ height=”574″ /></p><p>Top: Himmel is on the left. On the right side, you can buy ingredients from the NPC merchant.<br />Bottom: the NPC on the left sells Blacksmithing recipes and the NPC on the right sells Alchemy recipes.</p><p>I like this profession skill system, but after raising levels of my profession skills I discovered that I need item crystals.<strong>Speaking of crystals… The Maker skill has been removed in this update!</strong> I have Mining and Jewel Crafting, but those skills cannot make item crystals.</p><p><strong>Alchemy</strong> can disassemble and fuse items. That means I have to make a mule character and pick Alchemy for that character…<br />With Alchemy, you can make different kind of potions. Potions that increase HP, MP, AP, attack, accuracy etc.<br />Alchemists can even make <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Giant Potions</a> and potions that transform you into a monster.<br />When you use a Giant Potion, your size will increase and you will only be able to attack monsters by jumping up and down.</p><p><img src=”;h=265&#8243; alt=”” width=”528″ height=”265″ /></p><p>But yes… Alchemists can make item crystals. Do you know what’s even worse? You will need to raise your Alchemy skill if you want to disassemble higher leveled equipment.</p><p>Alchemy Lv. 1 : up to level 50 equipment<br />Alchemy Lv. 2 : up to level 70 equipment<br />Alchemy Lv. 3 : up to level 90 equipment<br />Alchemy Lv. 4 : up to level 110 equipment<br />Alchemy Lv. 5 : up to level 130 equipment<br />Alchemy Lv. 6 : all equipment</p><p>But there is something that Alchemists can make for other people like us who don’t have Alchemy or are lazy to raise the skill level of Alchemy so we can disassemble.</p><p><img src=”;h=264&#8243; alt=”” width=”260″ height=”264″ /></p><p>Alchemists can make this fish tank, or whatever it looks like. You can disassemble equipment with it.<br />Everyone can make use of it and disassemble their items to get item crystals.<br />Today someone created this fish tank in channel 1 free market and everyone could disassemble their items up till level 90.<br />Which means that this player had Alchemy level 3 when he created the tank.</p><p><img src=”;h=219&#8243; alt=”” width=”309″ height=”219″ /></p><p>If you choose to learn Alchemy then you must learn <strong>Herbalism</strong> too.<br />With Herbalism, you can collect different herbs in Maple World.</p><p><img src=”;h=78&#8243; alt=”” width=”489″ height=”78″ /></p><p>When you collect herbs, you can make herb oil which is required for Alchemy to make potions.</p><p><img src=”;h=270&#8243; alt=”” width=”501″ height=”270″ /></p><p>If your profession skill is Mining or Herbalism, you will obtain a special bag where you can store your herbs or ores. In the beginning, you will get a bag that has only four slots, but when you further raise your skill level you can expand the amount of slots.</p><p>The last profession skill that players can learn is <strong>Blacksmithing</strong>. I’m going to keep it short for this one. With Blacksmithing you can make your own armor and weapons. You must learn Mining first to learn Blacksmithing. Mining is also essential for Blacksmithing because you need refined jewels to make equipment as a Creator. A player who learns Blacksmithing is called a Creator.</p><p>If you no longer wish to continue keeping your current profession skill, then you can unlearn your skill. Keep in mind that once you’ve unlearned a skill, you will have to start from scratch…</p><p><img src=”;h=97&#8243; alt=”” width=”582″ height=”97″ /></p><p>There is a limit on how much you can mine, create or collect. Because there is a fatigue system for this profession skill system.<br />From my experience, my fatigue goes up fast if I have mined a lot rocks. Each rock you mine costs 1 fatigue.</p><p>The fatigue depends on the item you want to mine, create or collect. As a Jewelist, crafting a Lv. 50 ring costs me 20 fatigue.<br />Besides increasing your fatigue, you can also increase your skill mastery. The only way to raise the level of your profession skill is by increasing your skill mastery.</p><p><img src=”;h=310&#8243; alt=”” width=”290″ height=”310″ /></p><p>An NPC in Meisterville sells two different fatigue drinks.<br />The first fatigue drink decreases your fatigue by 10. However, you must pay 1,000,000 mesos.<br />The second fatigue drink decreases your fatigue by 5. However, you must pay 300,000 mesos.</p><p>You can only use 3 fatigue drinks each day. But if you don’t want to spend your meso on these drinks then you don’t have to worry because every hour your fatigue decreases by 5. In Korea your fatigue resets to 0 when it’s midnight.<br />The profession skill system is attached with another system. The <strong>personality </strong>system.</p><p><strong>What is the personality system?</strong></p><p><strong><img src=”;h=472&#8243; alt=”” width=”286″ height=”472″ /></strong></p><p>The personality system is a system where you can raise the levels of six different personality traits. Each personality trait gives you a buff.</p><p><img src=”;h=423&#8243; alt=”” width=”475″ height=”423″ /></p><p>You can see the chart of your personality status along with your profession skills.<br />I think I find this the most fun and interesting system of all, especially because of the buffs.<br />There are six personalities traits:</p><p><strong>Charisma</strong> (can be increased by hunting bosses)<br />Increase in PvP damage<br />Increase in ignoring the monster’s defense<br />Decrease in EXP upon death</p><p><strong>Sense </strong>(can be increased by collecting herbs)<br />Increase in MP<br />Increase in quest EXP</p><p><strong>Insight </strong>(can be increased by mining and revealing the hidden potential of items)<br />Increase in accuracy<br />Increase in avoidability<br />The ability to show the hidden potential of an item using a free magnifying glass</p><p><strong>Will </strong>(can be increased by completing party quests, by gaming time and by leveling up profession skills)<br />Increase in HP<br />Increase in physical defense<br />Increase in magic defense<br />Resistant to statuses</p><p><strong>Craft </strong>(can be increased by creating equips/items)<br />Increase in the success rate of scrolls<br />Increase in the success rate of getting double the skill mastery you earn</p><p><strong>Charm </strong>(Charm can be increased by equipping/using cash items and when your fame goes up)<strong><br /></strong>Increase of a new equip slot (pocket slot)<br />Facial expression rewards</p><p>When I logged on after the patch went live, I already had Lv. 10 Charm! I have almost over 1100 fame. +_+<br />Everyday I hunt for bosses to increase my Charisma because a decrease in EXP when you die and an increase in ignoring the monster’s defense is really good.</p><p><img src=”;h=117&#8243; alt=”” width=”309″ height=”117″ /></p><p>There is a limit on how much Charisma, Sense, Insight, Will, Craft and Charm you can get. The daily limit is 500.<br />I always hunt for Dodo in the Temple of Time and Dodo gives 50 Charisma. Since there is a limit of 500 that means I can only kill 10 Dodos.<br />Look in the image above, you can see that I’m getting +50 Charisma and +42 Charisma. The red text says that I have reached my daily limit. ㅠ.ㅠ</p><p>So yeah.. that’s basically the profession skill system and the personality system. This is definitely fun and I recommend every other player in other versions to keep your ores, plates and jewels. You won’t regret it!</p><p>High-leveled players are going to have to some <del>difficulties</del> fun with this update. Players will be able to reach a new map designed for level +160 players through the Temple of Time. There players will discover that Henesys has been destroyed and that Ereb has descended to earth.</p><p>Long story short:</p><blockquote><p>In the future, Empress Cygnus becomes interested in the World Tree, so eventually she went to search for this phenomenon.<br />The Empress and her knights succeeded in searching for the World Tree, but… they fell into a trap by the Black Magician. He took the soul of Empress Cygnus and her knights and made them into his puppets.</p><p>Because of this curse by the Black Magician, the island of Ereb lost its holy power and descended to Victoria Island. There, Empress Cygnus and her knights started attacking Maple World…</p></blockquote><p><img src=”;h=193&#8243; alt=”” width=”438″ height=”193″ /></p><p>The ultimate boss who is much more harder to defeat than Pink Bean: <strong>Empress Cygnus</strong><br />She was already impossible to defeat in the test server but guess what? Nexon gave her a huge buff in the official server.</p><p>HP: 1,000,000,000 → 2,100,000,000<br />Physical Attack: 17750 → 25500<br />Magic Attack: 22750 → 35500</p><p><img src=”;h=398&#8243; alt=”” width=”584″ height=”398″ /></p><p>Her evil ”Dark Knights” were given a huge boost as well. Empress Cygnus can summon two versions of these ”Dark Knights” minions. One version is stronger, has more HP and gives more EXP. The other version is weaker and gives little EXP.</p><p><strong>Version 1</strong></p><p>HP: 100,000,000 → 600,000,000</p><p><strong>Version 2</strong></p><p>HP: 150,000,000 → 1,650,000,000</p><p>The physical and magic attack of both versions are boosted as well.</p><p><img src=”;h=384&#8243; alt=”” width=”266″ height=”384″ /></p><p>Players who are Lv. 170 or higher who dare to challenge Empress Cygnus can start an expedition team of maximum 18 members and battle against her in channel 13 with a time limit of <strong>1 hour</strong>.<br />But in this current situation this boss is just too hard. Empress Cygnus has a lot of abilities (I think even more than Pink Bean) and they’re very dangerous. She can cast Shinsoo, monsters from the future Ereb and her ”Dark Knights”.</p><p><img src=”;h=360&#8243; alt=”” width=”583″ height=”360″ /></p><p>She can cast Dark Genesis, Zombify, Damage reflection, she can forces to exit you from the map, she can cancel the potential effect of your item, she can cast this whirlwind, she can burn you with birds that she can call and there are more abilities. Also there is a cooldown on every consumable potion when you fight her. It’s unbelievable…</p><p>Empress Cygnus is the only boss who can drop level 140 equipment!</p><p><img src=”;h=64&#8243; alt=”” width=”583″ height=”64″ /></p><p><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Hat</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Overall</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Shoe</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Glove</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Cape</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>One Handed Sword</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Two Handed Sword</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Spear</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Polearm</a></p><p><img src=”;h=64&#8243; alt=”” width=”583″ height=”64″ /></p><p><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Hat</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Overall</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Shoe</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Glove</a> |<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Cape</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Wand</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Staff</a></p><p><img src=”;h=64&#8243; alt=”” width=”583″ height=”64″ /></p><p><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Hat</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Overall</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Shoe</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Glove</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Cape</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Bow</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Crossbow</a></p><p><img src=”;h=64&#8243; alt=”” width=”583″ height=”64″ /></p><p><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Hat</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Overall</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Shoe</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Glove</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Cape</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Dagger</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Claw</a></p><p><img src=”;h=64&#8243; alt=”” width=”583″ height=”64″ /></p><p><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Hat</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Overall</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Shoe</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Glove</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Cape</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Knuckle</a> | <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Gun</a></p><p>Each set requires you to have 170 in the secondary stat, but it comes with a tempting bonus:</p><p>- <strong>2 set effect</strong>: +300 physical and magic defense, +200 accuracy and avoidability<br />- <strong>3 set effect</strong>: +15% MaxHP and MaxMP<br />- <strong>4 set effect: </strong>+15 weapon attack and a reduction in duration of all abnormal statuses<br />- <strong>5 set effect</strong>: +15 allstat and all skill levels +2<br />- <strong>6 set effect:</strong> +30 weapon attack and +30% damage against bosses</p>

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